Building faster, simpler, and more intuitive experiences between humans and technology. Your one-stop solution to design, develop, and deploy your ideas to the web.

Based in Colorado since 1999.

Design, Develop, Deploy

Codecat unifies design, development, and deployment via a single resource solution.

Hosting your way

Publish your website to a private server, our servers, or host on Amazon S3, its up to you. You are never forced onto one platform or service provider.

Keeping it simple

By working toward the final product in iterations, risk of building the wrong thing is reduced while easily changing direction as needed.

Maroon Peak 2018

Frameworks to run with

Starting with open-source frameworks to get going quickly, codecat uses only the technologies that are best suited to your needs.


You get the freedom to design, develop and deploy as much or as little as you need.

Ready when you are

Contact codecat to discuss your project.